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is your go-to companion for crafting a lifestyle you never need to vacation from, that’s all about creating a abundance and carefree work life balance. Picture this: we’re like the magical elves behind the scenes, helping entrepreneurs and business owners free up their time effortlessly. How do we ddo it? At Lime Bookkeeping Inc., our industry specific action plans are tailor-made for your business and are backed by our fantastic team of virtual Certified bookkeepers. So instead of drowning in bookkeeping tasks, you can kick back, relax and focus on what truly lights your entrepreneurial fire. It’s all about achieving success while savoring the sweet taste of a carefree and prosperous lifestyle!


Lime Bookkeeping Inc… A Fresh Squeezed Approach to bookkeeping!

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Lime Bookkeeping Inc's Founder Patrick
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Our Why – Helping people to create an abundant and carefree lifestyle.

AT LIME,  our mission is to sprinkle a little magic into your day by liberating you from the tedious world of bookkeeping. We’re like the wizards of the accounting realm, using cutting-edge technology to work our spells and make your life easier. Our secret potion? Streamlining the data pipeline and saving you some serious green. But wait, there’s more! We’re on a mission to make bookkeeping sexy again. Because who says crunching numbers can’t be hot stuff?

Running a successful business is like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – thrilling but time-consuming and complex! But fear not, because Lime Bookkeeping Inc. is here to add a dash of magic to your financial circus.

We’re your trusty sidekick, offering professional and budget-friendly virtual bookkeeping services to businesses in Alberta and BC.

Our passion? Your success!

We’re all about making sure your financial books are as orderly as a perfectly arranged bouquet. From setting up your chart of accounts to whipping up financial reports, we’ve got the skills.

Need help with budgeting, forecasting, or mastering the art of cash flow?

We’ve got your back.

No matter what kind of financial acrobatics you need, count on us to be your safety net.

“Best bookkeeping service ever! Extremely helpful and super friendly! Top notch…wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Janine W.

“Patrick has been working on my books for years! Truly the best!”

Dayna P.